Murphy NC

Murphy NC

Disability Income Murphy NC

Disability income insurance is a policy that is designed to provide financial assistance in the event that the policyholder in Murphy is unable to work due to a non-work related condition, illnesses or accidents. The policyholder will receive the benefits monthly and is equivalent to 45% up to 65% of the person’s gross income (tax-free). The benefits will assist the policyholder on his or her day-to-day expenses.


Annuities Murphy NC

An annuity is a form of investment or an insurance wherein an individual pays an insurance company a fixed sum of amount or a series of payments; and in return, gets a steady stream of income at some point in his or her life or after retirement. 

When applying for annuity in Murphy, you can choose whether to start receiving your annuity immediately or preset a date to receive the disbursements. You can choose to receive your annuity for a period of time or just distribute them until your death. However, receiving your payment for a longer period of time will also lower the amount on your checks. You may also choose to assign a beneficiary who will receive the payments in case of your death. Contact Carter Investments for more information. 


Life Insurance Murphy NC

Life insurance provides the beneficiaries with financial security through a lump-sum amount after a specified period of time or in case the insured party passes away. The insured party will pay premiums either monthly, quarterly or even annually; then the beneficiary will receive the insurance payout or the death benefit after the insured party’s death. This will be a big help to the beneficiaries which can be used in the funeral expenses, in paying the insured party’s debts, or in the beneficiaries’ day to day expenses. 


Term Life Insurance Murphy NC

Term life insurance is a type of life insurance policy wherein the insurance provider pays the specified cash benefit in case the policy holder passes away within the specified term. However, when the term expires, the insured party can continue being insured by renewing the policy, change into a permanent coverage, or just terminate the policy but will not receive any death benefit should he or she passes away outside the policy’s term. 

It’s important that Murphy residents know about the three different types of term life insurance – the level-term policy, the yearly renewable term policy, and the decreasing term policy. Level-term policy has fixed monthly premiums and provides coverage for a specified period of time. While Yearly Renewable Term has no specific term period and needs to be renewed annually. The Decreasing Term policy on the other hand has a fixed premium cost but the death benefit decreases every year.


Commercial Business Insurance Murphy NC

Commercial business insurance is a type of insurance policy that aids the business in Murphy, the owner, and the employees when there are business interruptions, when equipment gets broken, losses, and others.   

There are several types of commercial business insurance coverages that buyers can choose from depending on the size of their business as well as their needs. The three most common types of coverage are commercial property insurance, business liability insurance, and worker’s compensation. 

Commercial property insurance covers the losses and the damage to any real estate property as well as personal property being insured. Liability insurance on the other hand covers the injuries and damages inflicted to third parties within your business’ premises. Finally, the worker’s compensation insurance includes the compensations that your employees will get should they be injured at work. 


Commercial Insurance Murphy NC

Commercial insurance is a type of insurance policy designed to protect you and your business from future risks and any unforeseen circumstances that could hurt you, your business, and your employees. Imagine that a thief broke into your office and stole your laptop. If you have commercial insurance, the first thing you would do is report the incident to your insurance provider and file a claim. Your insurance provider will have the incident investigated and evaluate the total loss or damage to your property. After the investigation, your insurance provider will send you the insurance funds to replace your laptop and repair all the damage. 

There are a lot more advantages in getting commercial insurance — from providing a lawyer and their professional fees should your business get sued for business-related issues by providing compensation for your employees should they get injured while at work.